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Twin4u gebruikte reeds Qlab2, maar hebben ook de nieuwe Qlab3 aangeschaft die tal van nieuwe mogelijkheden biedt. 
Even enkele funties op een rijtje:


  • 48 channels of audio output
  • 24 channels of audio input (file or microphone)
  • Non-destructive audio waveform editing
  • Adjustable playback rate with optional pitch adjustment
  • Matrix mixer for every cue and audio device
  • Apply audio effects to individual cues, across all cue outputs, or device outputs
  • Custom fade curves
  • Fade effect parameters for dynamic audio effects
  • Unlimited slices per file, and import markers as slices
  • Dead-easy vamping and musical transitions


  • Slice and loop videos seamlessly
  • Fade and animate videos
  • Adjustable playback rate
  • Preview cues with the audition window
  • Many built-in video effects, or bring your own
  • Overlay titles
  • Live video input, including many Blackmagic devices
  • Video surfaces help you focus on your design, instead of your projectors
  • Syphon integration (input and output)
  • Multi-projector edge blending
  • Keystone correction & corner pinning

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